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Internship UK

Par admin le 14 juin 2011 dans Stage en angleterre

An internship in UK

The advantages to do  an internship in UK :


Doing an internship in UK is an opportunity for students  to open up,  to explore the country and  to meet other  people. Making an internship in UK will help you to improve your english level. Doing an internship in UK will help you to get a professional experience and to work in an international environment.


Why to get in touch with Job2international for your internship ?


Job2international assists students to do an internship abroad. Our company offers a wide range of destination : Internship in UK (London, Manchester…) , Internship in Spain ( Barcelona, Madrid…), U.A.E (Dubai, Qatar…)…..

Our company provides 100% guarantee for your internship and does a follow-up of each student inorder to make sure that all is going fine during the internship and to allow to a student to do real internship.

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